Violet/Blue 405nm-480nm

A Notice of Transfer of Selling All Hand-Held Lasers
To Lilly Electronics' Ali-Express Store


Dear Clients and Friends,

Thanks for your persistent trust in us! As a laser producer and seller, is always trying to provide qualified laser products and satisfied customer service for clients worldwide.

Recently as the US law and Paypal policy of NOT allowing to sell over 5mw hand-held lasers within US territory and by Paypal, we now determine to transfer all the business of hand-held laser pointers to our web store based on, on Aliexpress store, we accept VISA MASTARCARD credit cards, moneybookers, T/T, Money order including Western Union etc. . There is no legal problem to buy any over 5mW hand-held laser pointers/torches which are not prohibited in China. The shipping time and service are just the same as at our ebay store and at this online website.

In addition, all the stuff that were sold at and at ebay store are also sold at Lilly Electronics Aliexpress store, but you can enjoy an approx. 10% more discount than buying at ebay for a lower tax rate. But you enjoy the same service!

Now visit Lilly Electronics Aliexpress store and save more!

Have a good shopping experience and A Great Day!

Sales Director Lilly Liu
On behalf of Lilly Electronics Service Team